To fight poverty and injustice, responding with compassion to the desperate needs of the poor and oppressed so that Jesus is known to the people of Carries and surrounding villages and lives are transformed by the power of the Gospel.

We are a mission ministry of Southpoint Community Church partnering with Mission Of Grace, a non-profit, Christ-centered organization seeking to meet the needs of Haitians through love and compassion.  We serve an orphanage , church, school, teen girl home, teen boy home, elderly home, and a clinic in the village of Carries.  We also serve the village of Plaisance in the southernmost region of Haiti.

Since 2010 Team Haiti has been a part of building relationships,  buildings, families and community in the village of Carries, Haiti.  Just a portion of what God has accomplished through our team is:

First Church building 2012/New Church opening June 2017
8 family homes built and furnished
Community Bathroom constructed
Teen Girl house and kitchen built, furnished, decorated, sustained
Home of Grace for the elderly and handicapped
Adult literacy program implemented
Waste Management program begun and sustained providing jobs for five men
Basketball court 

Creating jobs and community while building a foundation of faith in Jesus

It is our hope that you will experience the joy of changing lives through partnering with us by GOING, GIVING, PRAYING.  God wants to use each of us to spread His love and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share what He is doing through this team…accomplishing EXTRAORDINARY things through ordinary people!!!